Japanese Actress Yuko Takeuchi Star Of ‘Ringu’ Dies At 40

Yuko Takeuchi dies At 40

Yuko Takeuchi: Reportedly, star of 1998 Ringu and series Miss Sherlock, has passed away at the age of 40.


According to the new sources, early morning this Sunday 27 September her body was found by her husband in their Tokyo house and immediately she was taken to hospital where she was declared dead. Yuko Takeuchi’s death is considered as suspected suicide.


The actress’s talent agency, Stardust Promotion Inc. stated that, hearing about the sudden death of the actress have left them stunned and shocked, they’re saddened by the news and are trying to examine the details of the incident.

All you need to know about Yuko Takeuchi and her Career

Yuko Takeuchi was born and brought up in Urawa, she is mother to two children. She was very popular for starring in the super hit drama of 1999, Asuka along with TBS drama of 2001, Love And Life In The White. The initial movie role of Yuko came in horror film ‘Ringu’ (1998), the movie was massive hit and in 2001 it was adapted into a Hollywood horror film titled as The Ring.

The successful star, Yuko most currently featured in the Hulu 2018 and HBO Asia coproduced series Miss Sherlock, the series was based on the gender reversion adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary detective.
The actress was also seen in The Confidenceman JP : Princess, this was the second film based on the famous drama of Fuji Television.

Yuko Takeuchi

Yuko Takeuchi received numerous film awards and she was also nominated for the Japanese Academy Award for Best Leading Role Actress for three consecutive years from 2004 to 2007.

Following the demise of the actress many industry people and her fans paid homage through their tweets on social media.

As of now, the reason of her death is not yet confirmed by the investigators but suicide has been the reason of death for many other Japanese artists recently. Although preventive measures were introduced in Japan in 2018 but still Japan has leading suicide cases in the world.


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