Jeff Bezos in Space: How to watch this event?

A certain race has begun. It is the race of people who are not astronauts who want to go into space. And it’s turn for Jeff Bezos. This is the race for people who are strictly Billionaires. Recently, we saw the flight that Richard Branson took in the Virgin Atlantic to go into the space. Well, it seems that Bezos is going to try to achieve the same.


Jeff Bezos is the former CEO of Amazon and is the richest person in the world. He has decided to take a flight to space. This mission has been titled Blue Origin. It will take Bezos, his brother, a pilot and a physics student into space. It seems that the whole world will be watching while this event takes place. Hence, we all want to know how to watch the same. Therefore, we thought that in this article, we will deal with how you can watch Mr. Bezos and his crew take this step towards the stars.


Jeff Bezos in Space: How to watch the Blue Origin mission?

Now, firstly we shall be dealing with this question itself. This is because we know that people are dying to know the same. So, in order to watch the steam, you firstly need to go to the dedicated site for Blue Origin. The link has been embedded thereunder.

The launch is supposed to take place at 7:30 on July 20th. But, do not take this time as exact. This is due to the reason that launching of the rocket can prove to be dangerous. Therefore, it is launched only when everything is going right.

Talking about the flight itself, it is supposed to take 11 minutes. Now, we know that things can get dangerous. But, experts are predicting the things to go smoothly. This is a historic event in space travel so, we expect you all to watch it. Stay tuned for more news.