Jeremy Renner just threw a Corona Party and put his daughter at risk.

Jeremy Renner and Sonni Pacheco have been facing off against each other over a custody battle for their 6-year-old daughter, Ava, for five years now.
The Avengers star and the supermodel quietly got married back in 2014. Months later, Pacheco filed for divorce and from the get-go, their split has been controversial.
From seeking sole custody of their daughter to accusing Renner of threatening to kill her, Pacheco and her ex-husband have come a long way and a verdict might soon be in call as Sonni Pacheco has made a new accusation against Jeremy Renner.


Here’s a broad look to what happened:


The 49-year-old actor allegedly was hosting a ‘kid camp’ where he hired several young women from Instagram at his Nevada getaway who shared pictures of themselves wearing t-shirts printed with ‘Camp Renner’ and with no masks, according to the filing.
This part of the filing said, “I also received screenshots of young women announcing that they were in the lake, which is the area where Jeremy’s Reno home is located and that they were wearing t-shirts that say ‘Camp Renner’, which is the name Jeremy uses when he hosts people at his Reno house. They were not wearing masks in the photos”.
She ended by demanding her ex-husband gets tested and also the results to be sent to her legal team. Yikes!!


The bad news?

Jeremy Renner also supposed to be co-parenting! Their long legal battle has been so drawn-out and awful, it’s hard to mention who is right or wrong.
In March, the “star reportedly asked that his payments for Ava’s housing, food, transportation, and clothing be reduced from $30,000 a month to $11,000 due to the pandemic. Honestly, for a person who claimed that coronavirus left him financially unable to pay his full support payment, flying a bunch of young women from Instagram to party at your mansion feels incredibly foolish, not to mention shady.
For now, we just hope little Ava is feeling safe throughout this ugliness.


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