Jerry Harris, star of ‘Cheer’ sued for alleged sexual abuse of minors

Jerry Harris, who was in Ammy nominated series, Cheer, is accused of sexual abuse and exploitation of a minor. According to the lawsuit on Monday, a pair of twins accuse Jerry of sexual harassment


14-year-old twin brothers in Texas who say that he solicited sex, sent them sexually explicit messages. He sends these messages through texts and social media. And also asked one of the twins to send him nudes.


Twin brother is suing Jerry, a 21-year-old actor, for harassing, sexual exploitation, and abuse. The lawsuit, filed in the District Court of Tarrant County in Texas. The case is filed accusing Mr. Harris of asking for oral sex at a competition and threatening physical injury to one of the boy. all of this happen when the boys were 13 and Harris was 19. 

The boys’ names are not in the lawsuit because they are minor/ underage. The case excuses Jerry Harris for sexual harassment, molestation, and exploitation of the boys. It also states that now the boys are limited to their meaningful activities because of the childhood trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Jerry Harris

About Jerry Harris

There is no comment made by anyone from Mr Harris’s side right now. Still, according to some sources, Mr Harris spokesperson had said that all of this happened when Jerry was a teenager. They also said that they are confident that when the investigation is done, the facts will be revealed.

Harris was a member of the cheerleading team at Navarro College in Texas, and at one time coached athletes at National Cheerleaders Association camps. And because of his spirited pep and upbeat attitude, he gains acclaim in Netflix.

He made a guest appearance on the Dallas stop of Oprah Winfrey’s nationwide wellness tour in February and held an Instagram chat with Joe Biden. He violated the role of a mentor coach and used his power and authority.


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