Jimmy Tarbuck: Everything you need to know about TV Host

Jimmy Tarbuck is an English comedian who has a net worth of about $5 Million. He is a presenter, comedian and an actor by profession.


Jimmy Tarbuck was born on 6th February 1940 in Wavertree, Liverpool. Jimmy Tarbuck has an older brother. Tarbuck’s parents’ names were Joseph Frederick Tarbuck and Ada McLoughlin married in March 1947. His initial studies were at Dovedale Primary School in Liverpool, where he was a schoolmate of John Lennon.


He is now 80 years old and he got his first television show with It’s Tarbuck ’65! Jimmy Tarbuck was the host of Sunday Night at the London Palladium and hosted many other quiz shows including Full Swing, Winner Takes All and Tarby’s Frame Game.

Tarbuck also hosted live shows like Live from the Piccadilly, Live From Her Majesty’s, and Live from the Palladium. Jimmy Tarbuck was also featured in the TV series named Tarbuck’s Luck and Tell Tarby in the early 1970s and he also appeared in series like Tarbuck and All That!, Blankety Blank, After Ten with Tarbuck, and many more. Tarbuck also starred in films like The Plank and Lola.


Jimmy Tarbuck also tried dancing in 2006 and appeared on BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing. But unfortunately, he had to leave the show because of some medical conditions.

In 2015, Tarbuck also joined a force with Des O’Connor during a show at the London Palladium to raise money for the Royal Variety Charity.

Tarbuck married Pauline in 1959. The couple went on to give birth to three children. Tarbuck and his wife are currently living in Kingston upon the Thames, where he is enjoying golf in his spare time.

Tarbuck who is nicknamed “Tarby” is a productive Conservative party supporter.

In February, he conveyed that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Tarbuck was also imprisoned in 2013 for an alleged sexual assault on a young boy in the 1970s but he was released without charge in March 2014.

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