John Wick: chapter 4- What is expected? When will it be released and all the latest updates

We never leave anything that brings us fame or something positive. Keanu Reeves career was taken at task when he first began to shot for John Wick. But as soon as the first movie released in 2014 everyone knew it was worth it. The movie made a huge success at the box office and was also one of those movies which got positively acclaimed by both the critics and the audience. The movie has a decided clear storyline with intense and strong action sequences with excellent timing. Adding upon it none of us could miss the zeal of the actor.


The second movie got a even better response from the audience and earned around 170 million from the screens. It was declared as a globally success movie. Then came in the third movie of the series. The maker’s confirmed that it was the last movie of the instalment. The movie raised 50 million in three days which was a trademark in history itself.


Soon after all us thought that we were done with the name and the charter of the movie saga the makers informed the audience that they will soon see John Wick 4.

John Wick

And as they say expect the unexpected here we are giving all that u want to know about the coming movie.

When will it release?

This question is something which is haunting all of us. During the pandemic that all of us are going through  it becomes really impossible to guess the release date of any movie or show. Thought initial release date of the movie was 21st May of 2021.

Who will we see in the John Wick 4?

Talking about the cast of the movie it is assumed that Reeves will be reprising his role as John Wick. Other cast members that are to reprise their roles include Ian McShane as Winston and Laurence Fishburne as the Bowery King.

What is the expected storyline?

As of now nothing has been revealed for the storyline of the movie. All we know is that the plot is going to pick up from the ending of the Parabellum. The fight to protect The Continental is not over, all presume that John is dead and is killed to regain the High Table’s favour. However the twist is that John is not dead is all ready to take the revenge of the plotting against him.

There has been no trailer of the moves as of now but we can expect one quite soon.


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