Johnny Depp is now getting countersued by Amber Heard for $100 million


Johnny Depp And Amber Heard:  This legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is getting Messy day by day. And now Amber heard is suing the Aquaman star for Virginia defamation case.


If you don’t know what the Virginia defamation case is, let us tell you that defamation is a false statement given by a person regarding another person, which causes an injury in the reputation of that person. Truth is an ultimate defense in defamation.


So now, Amber Heard is Counter suing Johnny Depp for ruining her reputation. She is Counter suing him by a hundred million dollars. Amber Heard accuses that Johnny uses a fake social media account to ruin her life during the smear campaign.

The case which Amber Heard filed against  Depp says that he manipulated social media accounts to target her. And also that  Depp supported an online petition, which is to get fire from the Aquaman.

All these false accusations and manipulated social media account it is just to ruin her life and career because Amber Heard is the victim of domestic violence and abuse.

It was also in the file that all these accounts that were created by Johnny Depp were not traceable to him, and he can ruin her life without getting noticed. In the recent week, Johnny also filed a lawsuit to delay her trial because he was shooting for fantastic beast 3.

Johnny Depp

From where all this started

Well, all of these things are getting a little Messy day by day, and with all these legal actions, it is becoming messier. Their marriage came to an end in 2016 and the settlement of 7 million dollars and all those went to the charity as per Amber Heard.

And 2018, the sun article, which calls Johnny Depp the other wife-beater. This creates a lot of controversies, and Johnny Depp sued the sun. Since then Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are stuck in this lawsuit and all of this becoming Messy.

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