Joker 2: When will it be released? What are the updates? Know more!

Joker is one of the most amazing American psychological thriller films. The makers have confirmed for a sequel movie. Todd Phillips will direct the movie like the first one. The first one has also won an Oscar nomination.


Release date of Joker 2

Till now no confirmed date has released for Joker 2. All we know that Todd Phillips will direct the sequel. Also, the script will be written by Scott Silver and Todd Phillips. Scott was in the original film too.


We can see at the end of the Joker that Arthur Fleck as Joker was in the Arkham hospital, where he did not stop with his killing spree, leaving behind red footprints. Therefore, this post-credit scene has been enough to tell us Joker has more stories to tell.

But as everyone knows, due to the global pandemic, there is a delay in the filming of this movie. At least it won’t be released in the coming year. However, there is a chance that it will be out by next year probably.

What will be in Joker 2?

Todd’s Joker is not a criminal mastermind movie. IT will be a lot different from Christopher Nolan’s Joker. The funny story will be if Arthur’s step relationship with his brother Bruce Wayne. Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves are already busy in Batman’s backstory.

Joker 2

Will Batman be there in the sequel?

Batman’s origin has always kept by Todd Phillip. A robber shot his father and later on becomes Batman. He will find out the killer and vengeance for his father’s death. A potential batman’s cameo. The supervillain, Riddler may also make a comeback in the upcoming movie.

No confirmed details have released yet and fans might have to wait long for more updates. Also expecting the movie in 2022 as many movies have also lined up would be the best one.


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