Joker 2 will Joaquin Phoenix return for the next movie? Plot, Trailer, cast and all you need to know.

Joker is one of those incredible movies which the cinema will always be indebted of. The movie is phenomenal in all expenses of the screen and shows exactly the amount of hard work that must have gone into making such a marvellous movie. All of us have seen jokers in our life but this joker is someone who we can never forget. The impact of the movie has been so huge worldwide that people were often found thinking about the harsh realities of life even several days after watching the movie.


I personally loved the movie so much that I have watched it around 4 times now. The movie is also the highest paid movie of 2019. After which the producers of the movie didn’t take time to tell the audience that they will be back with Joker 2. Though fans can’t wait more for the official announcement now.


If we believe the sources the movie is already in its pre production stage where the producers have approached Joaquin for the new movie.


Release Date of the Joker 2?

As of now there has been no official statement where the makers have confirmed the making of the second movie so we really cannot predict the release date of the same. Moreover we are quite sure that if the script of the movie would have been completely ready the makers would have announced the release date.

Will be see Joaquin Phoenix again as Joker?

The main objective from the peoples perspective is seeing the incredible acting of Joaquin . We all know the transition of joker from a man who gets beaten up by group of bullies to a man who kills anyone who kills anyone who comes in his way.

What will be the expected storyline?

Till now we’ve seen that joker has been working alone without the help of anyone with but in the coming movie we can expect joker to work with someone in order to achieve his goal. No matter what the story is we can guarantee that the movie will be a global blockbuster like the first one was.


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