Jon Snow was originally supposed to kill The Night King in of the most dramatic episodes of ‘Games of Thrones

Games of Thrones had been the most loved TV series for the HBO making the fans wonder about how a great fantasy series could be picked up on the TV platform. The storyline and the characters have such an astonishing effect on the fans that they get connected with the characters of the show and had given their 8 loyal years to the series to end. Although the ending of the 8 seasons of the series couldn’t make it’s way to the hearts of every fan, making them a bit disheartened


Though after it’s ending, some points are getting disclosed in which one of them is, the killing of The Night King by Jon Snow instead of Arya, Lets delve below the post to know more about this change of roles.


Kit Harington’s Prediction Over The Killing Of The Night King By Jon Snow. 

The battle at the Winterfell had been one of the off scenes of The season 8 ending and here we are now with the answers of the predictions of Kit Harington of having him as the role for killing The Night King.

There was a breathtaking turn in season 8 episode 3rd of the show when we saw Arya who is Jon Snow’s younger sister unpredictably killing The series most powerful Villain The Night King. Talking about the chances of John Snow being the massive killer of The Night King, She explained that Kit Harington had made his predictions too strong in his mind for being the killer of The Night King. She said that he was assuming and expecting very much to show himself as the killer of Villain The Night King but apparently his expectations goes down. She said that the Jon Snow actor Kit had too even told her about the same, for being cast for the killing of The Night King but apparently when he read the scripts and he saw that in that episode there were Arya all around the scene.

Games of Thrones
Games of Thrones

She said this whole laughing, She stated that it was obvious and also she had her best experience as having the best storyline and was really happy that Arya got the role for killing The Night King.

Why Kit Harington Made Prophecy Over His Role For Killing The Night King

It’s pretty understood why he thought of himself as being the killer of The NightKing as he was battling throughout season 8, just to have a face-off with the deadliest villain of the series.

Talking about the same with Maisie Williams, she too at one point considered to be him who will kill the villain, and at first, she also thought of that ending a bit frustrating. Things didn’t went off as his predictions but, Kit Harington had accepted this fact and had also expressed his contentment for Maisie Williams

Though the season had been ended, but what you think? Who would have been the best fit for the killer of The Night King, Do comment us below the post?


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