Jordan Belfort Net Worth: How Much is he worth?

Jordan Belfort: Let us talk about the Wolf of Wall Street. No, we are not talking about the movie directed by Martin Scorsese. We are talking about the person on whom it is based. If you do not know, you must have heard the stories that the plot of this amazing movie is based on a real person.


Well, it is. The name of this real person is the character that was played by Leonardo DiCaprio, which was Jordan Belfort. The movie was an adaptation of the  book that was written by Mr. Belfort. Now, Mr. Belfort is not the usual type of person whom we cover when it comes to wealth. This is because his entire image is sparked by controversy. But, then again, the person has some great things to say about wealth and the whole concept of money.


Jordan Belfort: The Origins

Jordan was born in the New York City on 1962. He belongs from a Jewish family. Since an early age, he was trying to make it big. When he was young, he used to make a lot of money by selling Italian ice to people.

It was revealed since early he was associated with several cases of fraudulent behaviour. But, this earned him get the instant recognition because people used to look at his earnings and way of life and used to be impressed by the same.

Jordan Belfort: Net Worth

Now, let us get down the main question of this piece. What his net worth of The Wolf of Wall Street. It seems that most of his money comes from his earnings at Stratton Oakmont Inc. where his company used to market penny stocks to people.

It has been revealed that as of 2021, his net worth stands anywhere in the range of $100 million.