Ju-On: Origins Season 2 – What All Do We Expect From The Sequel? When Will It Release? Find Out Everything You Need To Know!!

Ju-On: Origins Season 2 is a Japanese horror series that is based on the Ju-On franchise. The series debuted recently on July 3, 2020, on Netflix. The series directed by Sho Miyake offered a brand new experience to the viewers that was sometimes confusing to take in.


Ju-On: Origins is said to be the first Japanese horror original, and the franchise on which it is based has produced a total of thirteen films. Moreover, several novels, video games, short films, comics, and now a TV series have been made.


But will there be another series of Ju-On: Origins? Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Ju-On: Origins Season 2 – Renewal Status

The first season has just been released on Netflix with a total of six episodes. So it’s too early to say whether we’ll be getting another season or not.

Netflix usually takes a few weeks to analyze the viewing figures before renewing or canceling the show. However, considering the popularity of this horror franchise, it’s very likely that we’ll hear good news. But till then, we can only wait and hope for that to happen.

Ju-On: Origins Season 2 – Release Date

Season one dropped on Netflix in one go with a total of six episodes. So if and when season 2 does get renewed, expect to see the same number of episodes.

Also, we do need to consider the effects of coronavirus pandemic on the film and television industry. Despite everything opening up slowly, we hear a lot about the cases rising. So considering all of this, we shouldn’t expect Ju-On: Origins Season 2 to premiere until late 2021.

Ju-On: Origins Season 2 – Cast Details

Season one featured the following cast members who became a victim to the curse of the haunted house –

  • Yoshiyoshi Arakawa as Yasuo Odajima
  • Yuina Kuroshima as Haruka Honjo
  • Ririka as Kiyomi Kawai
  • Kana Kurashina as Kimie Ariyasu
  • Koki Osamura as Yudai Katsuragi
  • Seiko Iwaido as the woman in white
  • Kai Inowaki as Tetsuya Fukazawa
  • Tokio Emoto

Depending upon the storyline with which the writers will take forward the show, we can expect to see some new faces that will be accompanied by some returning faces.

Ju-On: Origins Season 2 – Expected Plot

The show is about an actress named Haruka Honjo and the infamous and cursed house that she had entered with her boyfriend. Upon witnessing a tragic incident and hearing the sound of footsteps, she seeks the help of a psychic researcher named Yasou Odajima.

The first season left us with many questions. The mystery of the woman in white, why Yasuo was spared and Toshiki’s appearance as a protector rather than an antagonist. All of these questions will be answered in season 2. Yasuo’s process of unraveling the history behind the curse that has invaded the house for decades will be explored more.

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