Justin Bieber Launches New Clothing Line “Drew House”

Justin Bieber Launches New Clothing Line: It is called “Drew House”. The 24-year-old has followed the footsteps of his model wife Hailey Bieber. He has stepped into the fashion industry and has launched his own brand.


Justin took to Instagram to tease about his new project Drew House wherein he shared a picture of some slippers that had a new brand’s logo on them. In the caption, he directed the fans to another feed @drewhouse where he had uploaded a variety of pictures that showcased the new clothes.


As soon as the site had gone life, all of the items sold out quickly. The collection featured a wide range of hoodies in the colors red, yellow, and black that had ‘Drew’ written in front of them. Along with that, the clothing line also has a variety of T-shirts available in the same colors, which also feature the word ‘Drew’.

Justin Bieber New Clothing Line is not restricted to just clothing, instead, Justin has even shown off a range of pricey looking Drew House necklaces. He took to Instagram to show a picture of the same that was laced with diamonds.

The pop star has also thought about launching a turtle neck that will have a smiley face logo in the front. However, Justin Bieber had to face criticism as well due to the overpricing for the singer’s fanbase. But he shut down the hater’s voice after selling out every last piece of clothing line within the first few hours of its launch.

But why Drew? This is because the singer has decided to trademark his middle name. The clothing line was in works since February 2018, when Justin trademarked the names “Drew”, ” La Maison Drew”, and “The House of Drew”.

The entire collection is unisex and every piece of the clothing line is ethically made in Los Angeles, USA, in limited quantities. The price range is from $48 for a T-shirt to $148 for a pair of pants.

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