Kansas Pastor’s Wife Found Dead In Car

Kansas Pastor’s Wife: Inside a private property, Kansas pastor’s wife found dead in her SUV car.


Wife of kanas Pastor went to Alabama to visit her family. For two weeks she was not found but recently the police of Arkansas said that they found the body.


Thirty-six years old, Marilane Carter graduated from Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School. She was last seen on August 1, Saturday, around 8:15 p.m. when she left for her home towards Birmingham.

After searching for two weeks by air water and land on Tuesday, the body of Marilane was found. According to sources of the brother in law Brady McLaughlin says that she was found dead in her car.

She was found dead around 11:00 a.m. in her vehicle. Her body was found in a shipping container in a field off Interstate 55 in eastern Arkansas.

Marilane Carter married to Rev. Adam Carter. He is a lead Pastor at Leawood Baptist Church in Kansas. Carter, all the time, book plane tickets to fly to Alabama, but this time she decided to go by road. She went to Alabama for her mental health treatment. This was the first time that she went there by car.


What happened to Marilane?

The chief of the city said that carters’ vehicle have driven into empty private property. But still, there is no clear evidence of how we went into the property and into the container.

Everything was safe credit her wallet was inside the car, said, Chief Todd Grooms. Sheriff’s department noted that Carter’s family was around the area over the weekend. And after that, everyone reached back home to accept her uncle. The uncle was driving and walking around the area where the carter’s phone last Pinged.

The pastor told his children this Tuesday, and they all are very devastated. Right now, they just need the support of their family. They just need Thoughts, prayers, and support for upcoming days.

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