Kate Warne to be played by Emily Blunt in new movie

Kate Warne

Okay, firstly, let us start with the name of Kate Warne. If you do not know who she was, then she was the first female detective in the Pinkerton Detective service. It has been revealed that the role of Kate will be played by Emily Blunt in a new movie about the character. It was further revealed that Dwayne Johnson will be producing the movie. As we know both of them have acted together in movie before such as in Jungle Cruise. Hence, it will be nice to see what this brings about. So, let us try to find out more.


Deadline has gone ahead to report more on the movie. It was reported by them that Amazon Studios have acquired the right to make the movie. Further, it has been said that it was a highly competitive auction. So, it will be nice to see how this movie comes out.


Kate Warne: Who was she?

Now, people have been wondering who Kate Warne was. This is a good question. We have to tell you that she is a female icon. Why? Because she was a real life Sherlock Holmes who had used her sleuthing skills to crack cases wide open.

This was a time when women in law enforcement was not a common thing. Hence, she was out of the ordinary. Therefore, using her skills, she single handedly, paved the way for making the scene to ensure that women enter the race.

There are some interesting things written about her. Most of this is the result of things we got from Wikipedia. Over there, it has been said that she was responsible for finding out the assassination plot to kill Abraham Lincoln.

Therefore, we have to say that it will be nice to see what the plot of the movie covers.