Kelly Stone Finally Tested Negative Today, Said by her Sister

Sharon Stone the famous Hollywood star’s Sister Kelly stone tested negative for COVID – 19.  Both Kelly stone and her husband Bruce singer tested negative, Sharon stone confirmed the news. Kelly and her husband tested positive in August.


As the world got hit by this horrible pandemic COVID won’t even spare stars. In the first week of august Stone confirmed that her sister and her husband tested positive and has been hospitalized. Kelly stone also suffers from the autoimmune disorder lupus which made COVID more severe.  After a week Sharon also posted a video of her sister stating “gasping for air”. She shared the video on her Instagram handle.

Sharon stone tweeted on Sunday –“My sister @Kellystonesingr and her husband Bruce finally tested negative today for the first time after a very severe hit”.

Kelly stone


On Monday Sharon tweeted Stone thanked those who backed her family. She had shared some information about Singer’s situation in Montana, where she and her husband live, regarding the testing procedure and how long it took to get results, as well as Stone’s own efforts to reach the governor, which she addressed in the update.

Sharon also thanked fans for all the love and support.

Slamming the governor on a social media platform?? strange

Sharon also slammed the non-mask wearers. And said that one of you did this, she doesn’t have immunity and only went to the pharmacy. She also slammed that the governor didn’t even pick her call or replied to her texts.  Also did not even get a test for Montana 600 front line workers.

Sharon even shared a video of kelly stated as “gasping ” in the air. She also asked everyone to wear masks and to take care of themselves. And stated that no one would ever want to face this condition stay safe. She also tweeted that in her country there is no testing for asymptomatic patients. And after that, it takes 5 days for results to come out.


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