Kennedy returns on Fox Business Network after seven months hiatus

Fox Business Network

Lisa Kennedy, an American commentator is making a come back on Fox business. The host, is relaunching her show on Monday according to the announcement she made. The show will air at eight in the night. Her show was put on a hiatus when the coronavirus pandemic started. Another show, Regan Primetime faced the same.


The forty eight year old author, political commentator, and radio personality Lisa Kennedy Montgomery tweeted on her official Twitter account on Thursday that she is back to all the liberty lovers, politicos.


This show is very beneficial for those who are interested in politics, and have a librarian approach towards the society and hope that they can bring a change. Although the show only discusses scenarios of the United States of America which is a presidential democracy and different from India’s parliamentary democracy, you can watch the show to analyze the differences.


The Fox business network said in a statement in the month of March that during the evolving pandemic crisis demands for coverage are increasing, and for this the network is deploying all resources from both shows to meet the staffing needs during market hours which are extremely critical.


The host show Kennedy will be returning on the network, but the other show which was put on a hiatus, primetime will not appear most probably. The show airs four days a week that are Monday to Thursday. Born on eighth September, the commentator, Kennedy joined the network eight years ago in 2018.

She is also a registered republican and supporter of same sex marriage. Active in politics, the host has led many politic movements. To know more about the show, you can watch videos uploaded on official YouTube channel.


The show of Trish Regan who is a forty seven year old author will not return on the network.


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