Kevin Clifton shares with everybody a funny Stacey Dooley dig

Strictly Come Dancing’s Kevin Clifton uncovers silly Stacey Dooley burrow that ruins sentimental second. Stacey can excuse, however she’ll always remember.


Previous Strictly Come Dancing artist Kevin Clifton has imparted an entertaining second at home to his accomplice Stacey Dooley and it’s so relatable.


Strictly Come Dancing’s Kevin Clifton and Stacey Dooley may have met on a prime-time BBC reality series, however, their relationship is similarly as relatable as the following one.

Previous Strictly proficient Kevin – who won the 2018 series with now-sweetheart Stacey – uncovered as much on Twitter, in the wake of informing fans regarding an ongoing sentimental signal turned out badly.

Sharing a brazen knowledge into their relationship, Kevin disclosed to supporters that he had attempted to “affectionately” deeply inspire Stacey, just to be met with opposition. In spite of consoling his accomplice that he wouldn’t drop her, Stacey hit back at Kevin with an update.

Kevin Clifton

“Well you did in the Lindy Hop,” she contended, destroying the second altogether.

While we don’t know how widespread being dropped by your dance partner accomplice on national TV is, it’s yet ideal to see that celeb couples can be much the same as us.

In other Kevin and Stacey news, the West End star lately conceded that he was “increasingly anxious” playing hair artist with Stacey than performing on Strictly.

Uncovering exactly how nerve-wracking lockdown can be, Kevin kidded that colouring Stacey’s “famous red hair” was one of the most unpleasant tasks he’d at any point had. “I was so anxious doing that,” he said.

“I was more apprehensive doing that than performing on Strictly on the grounds that I resembled, ‘I can go out on Strictly the following week and kind of spread it up and do a decent move on the off chance that I’ve done an awful move, however, suppose I get Stacey Dooley’s notorious red hair wrong!'”


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