Kevin Durant And Lana Rhoades Split: What Happened Between Them?

The question of Kevin Durant and Lana Rhoades splitting up is doing the rounds in the entertainment world. Well, we should be honest about the world of entertainment. The rumours about breakups, patchups and relationships are pretty common. Moreover, they seem to arouse the interest of people.


So, today we are going to talk about the rumour of this split between the couple. The people have been paying attention to the life of Lana Rhoades as she said that she was pregnant.


Lana Rhoades: Who is she?

She is recognized as an adult film actress. But she had left that career far back. Moreover, she is now a model. The model uploads her modelling photographs on her Instagram account. She has amassed an amazing number of followers and has about 16 million.

Recently, Lana took a photograph of the sonograph, which showed that she was pregnant. The caption of the picture was “This is the announcement”. It showed the delivery date of the baby, which was 13th January, 2021. This flooded her feed with congratulatory comments. But, there was something which was left unanswered. Why? This is because people did not know who was the father of the child. It should be also said that she was in an on and off relationship with Mike Majlak.

Kevin Durant and Lana Rhoades split: Did it really happen?

Now, after the podcast was aired, fans were really excited thought that Kevin might be the dad of the child. But, there is no definite proof of the same. This is because it is true that they went on a date.

But, later Lana revealed that the date was boring. So, it can be safely assumed that no physical relations ensued between them. She further mentioned that she left the date early. So, we can say that they haven’t split up because nothing existed between them.

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