KGF Chapter 2: Everything We Know So Far

There have been many movies in India which have earned a lot of recognition. One of these movies has been KGF. This was the first of its kind to come out of Karnataka to make a name for itself. It was often compared to the epics such as Bahubali, Padmaavat and Bajirao Mastani.


Fans have been extremely happy as people have been contemplating since the story in the first chapter of KGF did not seem to end. So, since then people have been of the opinion that a second chapter is bound to come out.


KGF Chapter 2: Release Date

Now, we know that the fans want to know whether there is a definite release date. There have also been rumours that the producers of the movie are thinking for an OTT release. But, we understand their apprehension that releasing KGF on OTT might not be a good idea.

We have talked about this before and a movie which is made on such a grand scale should not be released on OTT platform. This is because the video and audio aesthetics cannot be compared to the aura of the movie theatres. Therefore, it is understandable why the people are thinking for the theatrical release.

KGF Chapter 2: The Plot and Story

The official synopsis and teaser for the film has already been released. It is expected that we are about to see our favourite characters on the screen again. Moreover, the story is bound to be picked up from the point it left before.

We saw that Rocky had become the King of Kolar Golf Fields by defeating the previous Garuda. But, Garuda had a brother named Adheera who is swearing to kill Rocky. Moreover, the Government also sees Rocky as a threat and has issued a death warrant. So, we will see Rocky trying to survive both of these impediments.

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