Khloe Kardashian plans a social-distancing birthday parade for sister Kourtney Kardashian amidst the COVID situation

Keeping Up with Kardashian is back again with all the drama. Kardashian is back with the second half of its 18th season, and sneak peek is released for their upcoming episode.


Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the traditional way of celebrating the birthday off the table. So, the Kardashians decided to celebrate the birthday differently. They chose to celebrate Kourtney’s birthday in such an innovative way that they will not disobey the guidelines of Covid-19.


Celebrating Kourtney’s birthday

Khole Kardashian comes up with the Clever idea of celebrating Kourtney’s birthday. She decided to maintain the guidelines of the pandemic and throw a surprise birthday bash for the 41st birthday of Kourtney.

Khole decided that a balloon and decorated decked up vehicles will go for a parade, and that will drive it to her home and celebrate her big day. Khole decided to give her the best surprise that she will remember forever.

With the Epic operate in her front yard, she amazed Kourtney. She planned to decorate all the cars and go to our front yard and Honk so much that even the neighbors will get annoyed.

She also told her daughter not to ruin the surprise and to bring her mother outside from the front door. Well, we think that call Kardashian was a party planner in her previous life.

Everyone was very excited about the birthday, and also Kendall Jenner told Khole that the surprise that she is giving to Kourtney is very cute. Not just candle think this, we all feel that this is very cute and adorable to give Surprise. This whole car parade thing can be the best social distancing surprise anyone can give it to someone.

When can we all see the full episode?

We all can see the full episode on 17 September 2020 on Thursday when the keeping up with the addition will return with its 18th season.


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