King of Fighters Shares First Look At Animated Film- Release Details Here

King of Fighters: Everyone who has played SNK’s The King of Fighters knows how awesome and fun it is to beat your siblings at this 2D arcade game. It was first released back in 1994 and has been such a gem in the arcade universe. SNK, the makers of the game, created original characters to serve as protagonists from each of their story arcs. Since then, SNK has released multiple successor games and with a lot of success.


King of Fighters- A Film?


Well, you would be happy to hear that this fighting franchise is getting its own movie. Yes, you read that right! SNK has announced that a new CG animated movie will be released as a part of the popular franchise. It will be called The King of Fighters: Awaken. The exciting news isn’t it?

King of Fighters

A short trailer on Youtube showcases Kyo Kusanagi fighting against his obnoxious leader/boss Goenitz. The Saintrests wait at an old shrine, anticipating the devil Orochi’s liberation from his “Yata Mirror” dungeon. Young Kyo ends up in flames while making a valiant attempt to put an end to this event.

Then, as the scenes unfold, we are shown Lori Yagami feeding a stray cat in some unnamed area, when she is informed of the fate of Kyo. As a result, Lori burns with rage thunder and gets ready to face her destiny.

Who are the producers and distributors?

The film will be produced by the production company iDragons Creative Studio, distributed by the famous Joy Pictures, and the SFX/ animation that will bring the characters to life will be done by Original Force. All these companies have signed a deal with SNK.

When will it be released?

The King of Fighters: Awaken will premiere in 2022 in China, but there is no official news about an international release. Are you excited to watch your favorite heroes having a face-off with the devils in a movie where the controllers are not in our hands? Let us know!

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