Kingdom Season 3: When is it coming, What to expect ?

Kingdom Season 3, Kingdom is a Korean series distributed by Netflix all over the globe. It’s written by Kim Eun-hee and produced by AStory. Kim Seong-hun is the director of this thrilling horror series.


Renewal of Kindom season 3
Ever since the release of its second season fans is eager about the next season. However, there is no confirmation about the renewal yet. The writer and the director of the Kingdom have made some statements in interviews which gives us hope for a season 3.
As we know season 2 released this year it might be too early to expect another season soon. The pandemic has added up as another restriction.


The Cast of Kingdom season 3

There no official information but according to the previous season, we expect to see the following characters in the upcoming season.
Crown Prince played by Chang Ju Ji-Hoon
Seo-Bi Bae played by Doo-Na
Young-Shin played by Kim Sung-Kyu
Jo Beom-Pal played by Jun Suk-Ho
We hope that the makers confirm the cast soon until then we’ll stick to our assumptions.

The Release date of Kingdom season 3
The first season released on 25th January 2019 & the second season on 12th March 2020. There is no word about the release of the 3rd season till now. Considering the COVID-19 scenario, it’s quite clear that the season won’t release this year. The catastrophic pandemic has affected the industry and all the shootings are postponed. We might get the 3rd season in 2021.

The Expected plot of kingdom season 3
Hopefully, the 3rd season will be about the aftermath of season 2. We might see more about the character of Jun Ji Hyun and her plans. The season will also tell us about the strange plant seller. Season 3 will witness the new prince who is now a grown-up. He might be immune from turning into a zombie but we are certain that he might become a hybrid or some other creature.

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