Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts will be returning for its 3rd and final season this October

Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts: Season 3 of Kipo hits Netflix on October 12 and will be the final season in the sci-fi series. Unless … are some movies in the works?


Netflix’s sci-fi series Kipo and the Age of Wonder Animals has been extended for a third and final season. This animated series for young adults from DreamWorks tells the story of Kipo, a young woman who lived underground all her life and ended up exploring the fantastic world of mutant animals that roam a neon-colored landscape.


A recent press release published by DreamWorks confirms that Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts will return on October 12. The final season ended with Kipo (played by Karen Fukuhara) and her friends taking down Scarlemagne; an evil mutant baboon determined to dominate humanity through mind control.

Now, however, DreamWorks and Netflix have made an announcement that Kipo will face even bigger villains:

“After Scarlemagne is dethroning, Kipo and Brunch Bunch face a more formidable opponent: Dr. Emilia plans to defeat the Mutekind. Make the surface “safe” for humans. “

Unfortunately for fans of the series, this season will be the last season of the series as the DreamWorks series roster on Netflix that is drawing to a close. However, the show’s executive producer, Rad Sechrist, made a tweet that he wishes the series to have some film adaptation. Though there is no confirmation of movies yet, a feature film from Kipo and the Age of Wonder Animals might be the epic ending the series needs.


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