Knightfall, everything you need to know about Knightfall.

Knightfall series is show which falls under the category of docu-drama, created by Don Handfield and Richard Rayner for the History channel. This story is based on the legends of the Knights of Templar, who were a catholic military organisation founded during early the mediaeval period in France. They were primarily founded to protect the pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem and also to protect Christianity in a very violent period of history.



Knightfall is a historical drama series premiered in December 2017. The show got its second installment in March 2019. The series doesn’t emphasize on the origin of the Templars. The show became popular as it mainly focused on the journey of how they were starting to fall apart. This was a story of a Knightfall and not of Knightrise.


In the court of French King Phillip IV and Queen Joan, A pioneer Templar Knight goes on to be more than just a dutiful and faithful servant of the crown.


Landry is portrayed as the main character or lead of the show so to say. The character gets certain flashbacks which suggest him to be a pivotal element of the story. Apart from him, The Holy Grail get the central attention and importance and eventually becomes the backbone of the show. The Grail is mysterious and important object of central attention for the show to build around. The Grail significantly has a very powerful cultural symbolic importance. It means different things to different characters which makes it justifiable to be the central element of the show.


Tom Cullen plays Landry Du Lauzon, the pioneer Templar. Ed Stoppard is seen playing the King Phillip IV. Olivia Ross plays Queen Joan. Tom Forbes as Prince Louis of France. And everyone’s favourite Mark Hamill as Master Talus. There are many other popular faces seen in the show.

Release date

The second season ended with uncertain fates of the main characters, which gives us hopes that there can be a third season to the show as there have been rumours doing rounds on the internet that the third season has been cancelled; the reason to which is said to be the downfall in the number of viewers as well the ratings of the show. Though, we still await an official statement about the release date of second three and future of the show. Meanwhile you wait for the third season, you can binge watch the first two seasons streaming on Netflix.


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