Kongregate is in trouble now and is starting layoffs!

The Real Story

Kongregate – It has been announced by the Gaming publisher and the web portal that it is closing towards their new titles. It announced this on 2nd July. Also, it will be closing down some of its social services.


The news came out through a post on the Kongregate forums on 2nd July. The post suggested that the gradual move was away from Flash of the industry and the focus of the company on the development process was being the change.


In the future, Kongregate will not be accepting new games or add new badges to them. However, the developers can update the existing games still.

Also, most of the chat rooms and the forums will shut down or maybe left in the read-only state.


Here’s what Kongregate says:

Kongregate says that it was a difficult decision to take but was necessary to be taken. This decision has resulted in some of the appreciated team members to go. Over the few years they have tried to focus on a better align with their strengths and the gaming industry as a complete. COVID 19 has affected their business in a very negative way which has changed the overall market of games. This is why, it was necessary for them to take the tough decision.

Also, they are focusing on their internal development of the game and acquisitions rather than their legacy flash gaming platform. According to their outlined website, they are just not allowed with any new games to be uploaded at this time.

They further said that they have taken special care to informing their team. The team was informed about the current constrains which consists of a group meeting which took place on 2nd July. The employees found out about the direct deposit notifications. They also said that they are very sorry for their employees.

Hence, the company Kongregate will no longer be accepting new titles therefore, undergoing layoffs.