Kota factory season 2 :Release date, cast and more information

Kota factory season 2: It is India’s first black and white web series. In 2019 it took over to be the first network series in India.


It is a story of young kids, how they deal with exam preparations, the burden pressure and all the real struggles that a student faces, with a perfect amount of twists and comedy. The show was very much enjoyed by millenials, a simple yet relatable story.


The series shows the reality of India’s education system and how all politics and tortures the students have to face.

TVF produced this series in 2019, it is directed by Raghav Subbu.

The series is set to make a comeback and it is predicted that Vaibhav’s love life and academic life will take another leap in the new season. Uday revealed his maturity in the last season and showed Vaibhav and Meena the importance of having a seat in IIT and prioritizing it. What’s going to happen ahead?

We’ll let’s wait till then!

Kota factory season 2

Kota factory season 2 release date

The first episode premiered on 16 April 2019 and had 5 episodes.  The show received much love and critique as well for the IIT coaching atmosphere that was showcased. Much of the crowd enjoyed it and could connect. Now the fans are eager for its next season. So here is good news, Kota factory season 2 has certainly been given the green light. The creators of the show confirmed the news during a live stream video, they said we are almost done with the shooting, it took a while because we were hampered by the pandemic.

We can expect the next season to release by early 2021.


The ‘jeetu Bhaiya’ who received much fandom in season 1 is definitely appearing in season 2. With other main characters; Vaibhav, Balmukund, Vartika, Shivangi, Uday, Meenal, Deepak, Bablu, Alok and others.


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