Kylie Jenner tops Forbes’ highest-earning celebrity 100 list

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner tops Forbes: The Kardashians  family member and the founder of Kylie Cosmetics Company
Kylie Jenner has amazed everyone by getting herself on the top of the Forbes Highest Earning Celebrity 100 list. The title of Highest Earning Celebrity has been grabbed by not an A-list actor but a businesswoman and a media personage Kylie Jenner who is the founder of her own name Kylie Cosmetics Company.

Kylie Jenner On Forbes’ Highest-Earning Celebrity 100 list

According to Forbes, she is the highest Earning Celebrity with $590 million which is a lot more than the three times Forbes Highest paid Celebrity runner up Kanye West who had an earning of $170 million and other top 5 Celebrities’ earnings, The Forbes had prepared the list, on the basis of earning before the deduction of taxes, manager’s fees, Agents and Lawyer’s fees

Kanye had gathered all of his earning because of a lot of sneakers with Adidas whilst Kylie Jenner’s earnings came right from selling the 51% owner rights to the Coty firm in January. She was always seen exaggerating and cooking up stories regarding her business but the deal which she had made with Coty was indeed a big one which led her to get the first position in the Forbes list.

Kylie Jenner Forbes

Forbes Made Accusations On Kylie Jenner

In May 2020, Forbes had made certain allegations on her for showing wrong tax filings and had made false tax reports to show higher sales after the release of a tax return by Coty Cosmetics which showed that her business is remarkably smaller and was not that profitable like the one her family had led for years She and her mother was expected to have done all these things.

After the claims of Forbes, Coty hired someone new CEO for the Company
After these assertions made by Forbes, Kylie’s representative has sent a letter to Forbes claiming the accusation wrong and false, Kylie was also seen responding over this on Twitter where she said that she never asked for any title and had never lied about her way to it. Although due to the falsified tax statements her name has been removed by Forbes from its list of billionaires.

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