Last Chance U: Basketball Season 1: What we know so far

Last Chance U

There wouldn’t be a basketball fan who has not watched the epic series of Last Chance U. But this time, Last Chance U has a twist. Before this series focused on American Football. But this time, Last Chance will be focusing more on college basketball.

 Last Chance U.
Last Chance U Season 2

The incredible team of young men who hope to fulfill major college potential. The season will be focusing more on the personal side of the East Los Angeles College Huskies as they battle to win the California State Championship.


Last chance U is a documentary series on Netflix. Last Chance U season 1 to 5 focused on American football and its insights.

About the Show

Last Chance U is an American documentary that is a streaming television series. The producer of this documentary series is Netflix. The first 6 episodes of season 1 are based on the show about East Mississippi Community College. Each year it features many players and athletes who have struggled in their lives. These players are asked to perform at the jinior college level. This is done under the guidance of Coach Buddy Stephens.

The first and second season of the Last Chance U gives almost all the details and focuses on all aspects. The major theme of the seasons is the academic struggles of the players. And also the struggles of the players who are from low backgrounds. So far this tournament is really the last chance. The series has gained a critical response from the viewers and has obtained generally favorable reviews from the audience.

Last Chance U: Basketball Season 1 Release Date 

As the season announced, the audience is very keen to know its release date. So Netflix has finally announced the release date of the series. It will be released at 8 am on Wednesday 10th March 2021. The series will be having eight episodes. Viewers are already excited about the arrival of this series.

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By looking at the trailer, it can be said that they have done an excellent job. This series will be far exceeding all our expectations. So, for the time being, check out the trailer and wait for the arrival of this new sports documentary series.

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