League of Legends patch 10.13 has now arrived on the PBE for two weeks of testing.

League of Legends

It seems that we are in the halfway to the 2020 League of Legends patch cycle, Legends fans. LoL patch 10.12 has already hit the live servers of the game MOBA. The new High Noon skins have arrived and the batch of Champion and rune changes. Also, the 10.13 patch has reached the PBE for its two weeks of testing.


The LoL Pool Party Skins that were teasing later this week has finally arrived on the testing servers. Along with Taliyah who was confirmed to be receiving the summer-ready new skin at the beginning of this year. Heimerdinger, Jarvan IV, Orianna and Syndra are the Champs who are lucky enough to get the opportunity to join the pool party alternative universe skin line this year.


Also, Nurse Akali, Kennen MD and Surgeon Shen will also get some VFX updates in this patch, which SkinSpotlights has put altogether in a compilation clip.

League of Legends Patch 10.13 changes

  • Champion Changes-> Kog’Maw- buffed; Nunu and Willump- buffed; Not any change in the Champion balance, but take a look at what has been altered.

  • Rune Changes-> Conqueror (Precision Keystone)

New Skins on 10.13 patch

  • League of Legends – Champion skins- Pool Party Taliyah (1350RP); Pool Party Orianna (1350RP); Pool Party Heimerdinger (1350RP); Pool Part Jarvan IV (1350RP); Pool Part Syndra (1350RP)


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