Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 – What Can You Expect?

Legend of the blue sea ended with many questions still left to be answered, sparking rumors of Legend of the Blue Sea Season 2 doing around the corners.


But are these rumors true? Will we be getting answers to our questions? Will we find out about Joon and Shim’s baby? Well, you can go through the following sections and find out whether you will go your baffling mind stable again.


Legend of the blue sea season 2 – Release Date

The show keeps on its mystery by making us hooked to the seats eagerly waiting for its second installment. The first season ended in May 2017 as the lead actor Lee Min-ho was busy undergoing army training for two years. Since he is done with his training, we can actually expect the second installment to go on air in 2022! Long wait I must say.

But we can certainly expect some great news in the last section?

The Cast of Season 2:

We can expect the new season to bloom our screens with the chemistry between our favorite pair, Joon Jae and Shim Chong.

We can expect Jun Ji-Hyun as Se-Hwa and Shim Cheong, Lee Min-ho as Kim Dam-Ryung, and Heo Joon-Jae. We can also see our old stars, Sung Dong-il, Leo Ji-Hoon, Hwan Shin-Hye and Choi  Jun-Woo.

But we can also have some new faces along with these old favorites on screen.

Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2 – Plot

We are still waiting for the official confirmation of the plot from the makers. But we have some ideas about what the next installment can be about. The first season revolved around the chemistry between Joon and Shim.  The last episode also showed Shim’s pregnancy which can be the basis of the next season. The last season ended with many questions that might be answered in the next installment making us happier about its release. We also saw the entry of, Ma Dae Young and Heo Chi-Hyun which paves way for some new challenges in our lovely pair’s life.

However, we will try digging out more information as soon as the makers make an official move! Till then stay tuned with us.

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