Let Me Off The Earth Episode 24 Release Date, Plot, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

Let Me Off The Earth

The web drama, Let Me Off The Earth explores the things about stopping time in one place only. The drama is already premiering and it will soon come to an end. Now, let’s get into the details about the last and final episode of Let Me Off The Earth.


Let Me Off The Earth


Let Me Off The Earth Episode 24 Release Date: 

Episode 24 is the last and final episode of Let Me Off The Earth. It is a high school fantasy drama that began airing on September 11, 2020. It airs every Friday on the TEEN PLAY channel on YouTube streaming service. Each of the episodes is only for thirteen minutes. Let Me Off The Earth Episode 24 will release and premiere on March 5, 2021, at 3:40 pm.

Let Me Off The Earth: Plot

The drama in the first episode started with the narration of one of the characters, Park Ye Jin. She narrated the starting days of college life and how she saw Cho Han Gyeol. Since then, she had a crush on that guy and she slowly started approaching him by starting with friendship. She narrated that Han gives a cold-hearted person aura and he is negligent to her feelings. But after all this, his smile melts her heart even though she wants to give up on him. The drama is starting to show their graduation day. Her friends convince her to propose to Cho Han, although she was reluctant. However, she thinks and goes to him for expressing her feelings.

Cho Han was on the terrace and it was raining that day when she entered the terrace while holding an umbrella. she started talking and she was on the verge of expressing her feelings when Han says the exact words that she wanted to say to him. she didn’t believe the words he said and later she asked him to prove his words.

Then, the narration starts with Cho Han saying to Park Ye that how she does not remember anything. He knows exactly now what will happen and take place in the college. No one is aware of how everyone is repeating the same life. He also talks about the life of every single student of the college. The rest of the story is about how a new female student appears in their class.

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Let Me Off The Earth Episode 24: Production & Cast

The screenwriter for Let Me Off is Jung Soo Yoon, with Kim JunMo as its director.  The cheerful sitcom saw the debut of many new rookie actors. The leading cast of the series includes Cho Han Gyeol, Kim Ji Woo, Park Ye Jin, and Ahn Se Min as their respective characters with the same name. The supporting cast includes Han Kyu Min and Lee Byung Jae. The drama saw the appearance of many new guest casts, including Young K, Kim Dong Hyun, Kim Won Pil, Park Woo Jin, Han Soo Ji, Jeong Woong, Park Dhan Hee, Lee Dae Hwi, and Lee Eung sang.

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