Leverage Revival: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and much more!

For all the fans of Leverage- that streamed from 2008- 2012 , there is some good news served on the plate. Leverage Revival is all set to release soon. Excited to know about the details regarding the same? Read below and find everything from the Release Date to the Plot of the newly revived series.



Leverage is an American action crime drama television series. It aired from 7th December, 2008 to December 25th 2012 for almost approximately 4 years. The series were produced by Electric Entertainment.



The series followed 5 people team- a grifter, a thief, a hacker and a retrieval specialist. All of these are led by former insurance investigator named Nathan Ford. Also, is shown that Nathan uses their skills to carry out heists in order to fight corporate and also the governmental injustices that is inflicted on ordinary citizens.

What happens in this series is that after meeting the client, the Leverage team researches the villains to find a weakness to exploit. Each con requires the specialized skills and thoughts of all the members of the group. Because of the need of every member, all of them are the main characters. As we move towards the end, we can see that the villains seem to get the upper hand, only to be outwitted by the team.

About the Cast and Characters:

The cast and characters of the series, Leverage included the mentioned below-

-Timothy Hutton as Nathan- “The mastermind”

– Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux- “The Grifter”

– Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison- “The Hacker”

– Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer- “The Hitter”

– Beth Riesgraf as Parker- “The Thief”

These are the main characters although the series contains many others too!

About its Revival: Leverage revival

It began on 22nd April,2020 that the IMBD announced that a 13- episode revival of the series- Leverage. It was announced because they want the fans to stream the original again.

Leverage Revival

Cast of Leverage Revival:

Along with the original cast members, Beth Riesgraf, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane and Aldis Hodge, a new character will headline the series- Noah Wyle.

A sad news for the fans of Timothy Hutton- he will not return for the revival because of some reasons.

It is because of the huge gap between the revival and original that we will be watching new casts too.

Plot of the Revival:

the Leverage was based and centered on a crusade to avenge the death of a chile, this revival would be focusing on redemption story of misdeeds that need amends.

Where to Watch Leverage and its revival?

IMBD Tv streamed the Leverage series before and it will be streaming its revival too.

So, if you want to begin or revise the Levrage series, IMBD TV is a must have.

When is the Revival Releasing?

There are no official announcements or estimates for the release date but it seems the release will take place in 2021.

We will keep you updated for the same.

Stay tuned!


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