Lincoln Lewis star of Home and Away reveals how a phone call to his childhood friends saved his life

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Lincoln Lewis star of Home and Away reveals how a phone call to his childhood friends saved his life: The former Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis revealed that he was in a major depression phase and experienced a dark period of emotional and physical exhaustion last year. He confessed that he was in a stage of overwhelming stress and would end up waking up every day and feel done.


He was struggling with mental health for the past few years due to personal and professional reasons. The 31-year-old did hit the rock bottom early in his life and refused any outer world connection. The negative emotions obstructed him of his wellness and made him feel ‘broken’ and ‘powerless’. He opened up recently for an interview stating that every emotion got spiraled up and got worse due to the catfishing mishap. Melbourne based woman Lydia Abdelmalek, who posed as Home and Away star led to the suicide of his childhood friend Emma. The woman was sentenced to jail for the stalking of multiple women and posing as different celebrities. This incident made an immense negative impact on the actor which combined with misfortunes led him to stress and depression.


As he started crumbling in the darkness, he approached his childhood friend through a call. A minor phone call with his friend changed the actor’s perspective on life and friendships. And not long after this reconstruction, he ended up being a part of a fitness campaign for Australian men’s health. This opportunity provided enough boost to pull him up from the poor habits and centralize his whole mind power and health in something more profitable and productive.

Lincoln Lewis

Jono Castano, a celebrity personal trainer helped him to get back to shape, which was initiated by the actor’s weight dropping from 88kg to 75.5 kg in just 12 weeks.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It can not be changed without changing our thinking.”- Albert Einstein. The Home and Away actor had a substantial change in his thinking after a phone call with his childhood friend. He explains that now he is better than ever and living a full life.

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