Linda Purl Net Worth: How Rich is The Legendary Actress Now?

We all remember Fonzie’s girlfriend Ashley from Happy Days. It was played by none other than the legendary Linda Purl. She is American actress and singer born in the year 1955 in Connecticut.


Throughout her career, she has managed to appear in many important roles such as the role of Linda in the film Visiting Hours. She had also played the role of Pam’s mother in the hit sitcom The Office. Since her inception into the industry, she has managed to impress us with her excellent command over the art of acting. Therefore, we thought it is the opportune time to discuss what is this person worth.


Linda Purl: Early Life

Linda wanted to pursue acting from a very early age. Since then her parents have been supportive of her decisions have tried to push her towards the same. In light of the same, she had attended the Тоhо Gеіnо Асаdеmу. She attended to learn and master the art of acting. Then she went on to act in the Іmреrіаl Тhеаtrе in Tokyo.

During her start, she had a brief her stint in the realm in the field of play acting. She appeared in popular plays such as The King and I. Later she returned to the United States and enrolled in the Wуkеhаm Rіѕе Ѕсhооl.

Linda Purl: Net Worth

Now, we all know that she has acted in a lot of movies. She has managed to make a name for herself in Hollywood and also all around the world. This has apparently also helped her amass a lot of wealth over the years.

Reports have suggested that she is worth about $10 million. Now, that may not sound a lot but we do not have any knowledge about the assets and wealth that she owns.

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