List Of Best Movies Leaving HBO Max This October 2020

List Of Best Movies HBO Max

HBO Max: The Halloween season is going to begin soon this year, as vacations and trips are cancelled due to the fear of rising coronavirus infections, people have more time to sit at home and watch some good movies.


So here, comes the list of best movies you should definitely watch in this October 2020 on HBO Max :


The Nice Guys


Shane Black has undoubtedly made a career by contrasting Hollywood thrillers with punchy dialogues and amazingly designed characters. Similarly, The Nice Guys is a masterpiece of humour combined with corruption, disillusions and self realisation that life just wants you to be better than what you were yesterday.

Top Hat

List Of Best MoviesList Of Best MoviesList Of Best MoviesList Of Best Movies

If you haven’t watched any of the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film, you must watch this one as it includes great dancing for which they’re popular with a blend of hilarious plot, following mistaken identity. The movie’s genre is light-breezy and silly but those glorious dance numbers add up to its popularity.

The Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King

The Lord Of The Rings : Return Of The King
The Lord Of The Rings – HBO Max

Besides the hilarious jokes about the movie having too many endings, it’s trilogy existence executed at another level by Peter Jackson and his staff is just commendable. It is worth watching!


The movie has heavy dose of Indie Whimsy just like our current lives right now in the middle of the pandemic, where we think everything is magically solved now but in reality it’s not. Amilie can give you wonderful and distinctive experience for some hours so do watch it.

Ocean’s Eleven

HBO Max List Of Best Movies
Ocean’s Eleven HBO Max

This movie is the perfect blend of mainstream entertainment. Steven Soderbergh is one of the most unique filmmaker of this era, Ocean’s Eleven like an magnificent jewel of a hook thriller.


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