Live-action Monster Hunter Film to release in December after COVID-19 delay

Monster Hunter Film Delay

A new teaser for the live action film Monster Hunter has been announced by the TOHO and Sony Pictures Entertainment, Moreover a release date has been pointed out, read below to know more.


Monster Hunter: When Will The Live Action Film Be Released?

The live action and fantasy film got a release date of next year on 23rd April. It was earlier planned to be released on 4th of September, but then was delayed due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic of Covid-19. But now with the new English teaser for the film had giving us the date for the release in December.


Monster Hunter: Production Details For The Film. 

The production of the film was started in last 2018 in the month of October and till the month of December 2018, it has completed the principal photography, The budget for the film is approx. $60 million. The film is been distributed by

Sony Pictures in the regions of North America, and TOHO will be handling the distribution task in the Japan.

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter: Who Are In The Cast? 

  • Milla Jovovich will be seen in he role of Captain Natalie Artemis
  • Tony Jaa will be seen in the role of The Hunter.
  • Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Jr. will be in the role of Link.

Besides them we will also see Diego Boneta and Meagan Good in respective roles

What’s The Plot? 

The story is about an big military force which was rum by Lt. Artemis. He falls into the world which was full of giant monsters. There they met a hunter who assist them for survival in that world and also helps them to fight the monsters in order to go back to their normal home.

Monster Hunter: Teaser Details

The new English also shows us a glimpse of the Black Diablos monster.

We are looking forward to get more details from the films till then stay continued with us for more updates.


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