Living Abroad Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Information

Living Abroad Season 2: Many American families make a living outside the USA in this show. “Living Abroad” brings “House Hunters International” to another scale, depicting what it really is like for Americans to move into another country. It reveals how families handled the exciting yet daunting challenges of living in a foreign land — from choosing to buy or rent a home and finding good schools to overcoming the language barrier.


Release Date 

Season 1 of Living Abroad started airing on March 31, 2012, and ended airing on December 17, 2012. The show has gone surprisingly silent after the run of the 13-episode. Fans and critics alike, however, accepted the first season well, which is why there is no excuse why a second season shouldn’t follow.


If HGTV greenlights it we should expect the release of ‘Living Abroad’ Season 2 about March 2021 at some point. The detailed series of interviews means that episodes don’t air very soon, but the wait is worthwhile.

Cast and more 

If the show returns, we’ll see the return of Chi-Lan Lieu as the host. The Chinese-American author and TV presenter has presented other shows including ‘I Want That!’ on HGTV and TechTV. New Toys’ and ‘Fresh Clothes.’ Chi-Lan was also the host on Reelz Channel in SyFy’s ‘Truth or Faked’ and ‘The Big Tease.’ She is also a Stuff magazine writer, and reports on technical advances.

Chi-Lan ‘s vast background in hosting shows makes her a veteran, which is why when she lives abroad she can walk us through the conditions of the families without any effort

Living Abroad

Season 1 saw American families living in different locations, including Lake Geneva, Switzerland, Dubai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Paris, Barcelona, and Sydney. Each location has its own set of challenges and cultural differences that must be overcome by the Americans before they ingratiate within the community.

However, it is clear that Season 1 primarily focuses on Americans who settle in European countries or other developing parts of the world. They can be seen in more mysterious or less open locations in Season 2. It would add to the plot a sense of adventure because the lifestyle in such areas would be different from what American families are used to going back home. In the final analysis, exploring families within a cosmopolitan cultural environment limits the appeal of ‘Living Abroad,’ which could be something that the new season will address.


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