Loki Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained

The Marvel fans are in for a treat since the show Loki started to air. There were a number of shockers in the episode and fans were left at awe with the sheer brilliance of the show. If you start the newest episode, it will just seem like a simple continuation of the previous episode.


But, then it evolves into something which nothing short of an absolute shocker to the fans of the show. Moreover, by the time the episode comes to an end, we are left with many unanswered questions. Therefore, in this piece we are going to interpret the latest episode of the show. So, let us get down to it.


Loki Episode 4: Recap

This episode has been titled The Nexus Event. The episode starts with Loki and Sylvie who are waiting for doom to envelop the Lamentis. We can also notice love starting to brew between the two. The planet is about to be destroy and they are supposed to be destroyed but then we notice a portal opening up and they are saved.

Both of them are taken in by the TVA and are sent to separate interrogation rooms. Loki plays as if he was the mastermind behind this plan.

Loki Episode 4: Ending Explained

Perhaps the most important question from this episode was whether Mobius is still alive or not. The mid credits scene probably has the answer to this question. As we see Loki thrown into a dark place, which he thinks to be hell. But, it is later revealed that he is not in hell and he is confronted by alternate versions of Loki.

When we see this we can probably interpret that Mobius is also thrown into this distorted timeline. Maybe he can also see different alternate versions of himself.

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