Los Lobos Now On HBO, Read About the Movie Here!

Los Lobos: For better or worse, since all the theaters closed, watching new movies has been sort of a prolonged film festival. Unless you are really plugged in, you don’t even know what is streaming every week or what any particular movie is about. Then you will choose to watch a movie by reading reviews, or maybe, from word of mouth.
That is how you will watch Los Lobos, on HBO Max, and you’d think, “this is something I’d be telling my friends about”.


What is Los Lobos about?

Los Lobo’s, also known as ‘The Wolves’ tells the story of two young boys who move with their mother from Mexico to Albuquerque, clearly leaving some difficulty behind. With little money, they find a dreadful apartment, during which the boys must stay alone every day as their mother goes to her multiple low-wage jobs in an attempt for a better life for her children. The boy’s dream, in particular, of going to Disneyland, and they’re willing to place up with things due to the prospect of such an adventure, and since they love their mother.
The movie is nice and quiet, as we watch Luçia’s boys live in their own world, occupying themselves and finding friendship with the elderly Chinese owners of the apartment complex.



The cast of Los Lobos

It is tempting to say that the young boys, Max(Maximiliano Najar Marquez) and Leo(Leonardo Najar Marquez) are the film’s foundation. It’s also tempting to mention they’re gifted at being themselves while the camera is on, which isn’t a simple task but so is acting.
Luçia(Martha Reyes Arias) gives more of a real performance, playing the role of a mother drowned in depression. While the boys sleep, she practices smiling in the mirror and finds it difficult to convincingly convey a veneer of positivity when what’s inside is riddled with anxiety.

What is our take on Los Lobos?

Los Lobos is an engrossing, quiet, and thoughtful drama that isn’t curious about telling the same stories we’ve seen repeatedly before, relevant as they’ll be. You can now watch the movie on HBO max.


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