Lost Girls and Love Hotels: New Trailer Is Here. Learn All About Cast, Release and Plot

Lost Girls and Love Hotels: Based on a novel lost girl and love hotels just released a new trailer and everyone is super excited to know more about it. Here’s all information you need to know before watching the film.


The film is about an English teacher in Tokyo, played by Alexandra Daddario and Kazu. They started seeing each other. Their story is about love and lust and the landscape of Tokyo and going into the darkest and the deepest corridors of Japan.


In the Story, when the teacher and Kazu fall in love, their love turn Deep and dark tells us the passionate story of love and lust, however, They both fall in love, even knowing that the traditions and the norms of the society will not let them together forever, and they will be apart. Their love breaks them and Tear them apart, and reshapes them in the corridors of Japan and the bars of Tokyo.

The release date for lost girls and love hotels

The film is the long-awaited. The final date for the film was the 4th of September this year, but due to this whole ongoing situation, it got postponed to 18 September 2020. You can watch it on the digital platform it is going to be released.


The cast for lost girls and love hotel

The cast of the lost girls and love hotel cast is listed below:-

•Takehiro Hira as Kazu

•Kate Easton as Louise

Peter Mark Kendall as Frank

Alexandra Daddario as Margaret

•Carice van Houten as Inesh.

•Misuzu Kanno as Nakamura

•Andrew Rothney as Liam

•Mariko Tsutsui as Mari

•Elizabeth Larena as Alice

•Asuka Kurosawa as Mikiki

You can watch the movie on the digital platform. The trailer looks impressive about how an English teacher spends and night drinking and walking, but after some time, she found her true love in the dark and deep senses. The trailer of the movie looks impressive let’s hope best for the film.


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