Love Alarm Season 2: Release Date and all you need to know

Love Alarm Season 2: In today’s era, when innovation and technology have become an inevitable part of our lives. There are millions of apps that cater to every need of ours. One such example is dating application that helps people find their partners over the internet. Love Alarm is based upon the same idea and has been hitting milestones since it’s premiere. Because of the huge demand for its sequel, Netflix has renewed its second edition.


About the series- Love Alarm

Love Alarm is a South Korean television romantic drama adapted from Daum Webtoon of Chon Kye- Young. This series has the theme of finding love over dating applications. There a million dating apps and one such app is Love Alarm that notifies the person if in the vicinity of 10 meters there is a person who has romantic feelings for them. The story revolves around 3 characters, Hwang Sun-oh Lee, Hye- Leong, and Kim Jo-jo.


The Cast of Love Alarm Season 2

The three main leads of the show are back again to continue to make you fall in love with the series even more. Lee Hee-Yeong played by Jung Ga-ram, Song Kang playing the role of Hwang Sun and Kim So Hyun playing as Kim Jo Jo.


The Release Date of Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm’s second season is expected to hit the screens by August 2020. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, the production of the drama has come to a halt and so is the release date.

The Storyline of Love Alarm Season 2

Definitely, this season will shine upon the cliff hanger that season 1 ended upon. It is set to answer all the questions that have been left due to the closure of the series. Hwang’s been using the Love Alarm app and grabs her feelings, little does she know who all she is adored by.

Love Alarm Series has been winning hearts since it premiered for the first time on Netflix on August 22, 2019. The fandom of the show has been waiting for its renewal for a long time now. Because it successfully manages to gather a lot of eyeballs since it’s release, the series was a success and was among the Netflix’s top releases in 2019.

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