Love, Death And Robots Season 1: All Endings, Explained

In this piece, we will explain all the endings in Love, Death And Robots.


Love, Death And Robots: Sonnie’s Edge

It turned out that the challenger was her creature all along but by the time we get to know this, it’s already too late.


Love, Death And Robots: Three Robots

The cat that these androids befriend reveal at the end that the post-apocalyptic scenario is the result of human genetic engineering.

Love, Death And Robots: The Witness

The murderer is killed by the woman and as she looks out of her apartment, the world is flooded with clones of the same person except they are routinely switching places.

Love, Death And Robots: Suits

The episode comments on how humans are ended up being an alien on another planet and also portrays them as an unwanted infestation.

Sucker of Souls

The episode tells us how we should be careful while searching for answers while on a voyage for discovery. This is because any endings could be our last.


When Yogurt took over

This showcases how a piece of sentient Yogurt invented by humans tries to solve the problems of the humans but soon leaves as it grows weary.

Beyond the Aquila Rift

After a captain wakes up from hypersleep and finds that his spaceship is off-course, he begins to question why he is nowhere human civilisation.

Good Hunting

This episode is also based upon the autonomy of females and vengeance. The episode has a female sex-worker who is turned into a robot by a client.


This episode is based upon the concept of gentrification especially at the hands of corporations and how lives of humans are soon forgotten.

For the fans, the show can be streamed on Netflix. Season 2 of the show will also be available for streaming soon.

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