Love is blind season 2- when is it coming on Netflix? Every detail you need to know!

Love is Blind Season-2

Love is blind season 2 – Who is not in love today?? Mostly everyone, all around you see. This series likely similar to that of.


“Love is Blind”- is a dating series, debuted on the streaming service this year. The show creator is Chris Coelen and produced by Kinetic Content. As it seems like as “Married at First Sight series” and “The Bachelor”. Fans started comparing it to these dating series.


Here’s a good news for all the fans, the series was renewed for a second and third season on 24 March 2020. To know more about the series, keep reading!!

When is it coming on Netflix? What’s the release date??

The show is renewed for second season on 24 March 2020, as the first season received positive reviews from the critics. The trailer of second season also not yet released.

Earlier, the production on the shows like Stranger Things season 4, Dead to Me season 4 etc were stopped by Netflix. For safety reasons, the shooting is not happening reportedly due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19.

Love Is Blind Season-2 showmakers not announced any information about the release date. Fans can expect to be released in next year, 2021. There will be more of Love Is Blind as per Netflix.

Love Is Blind Season 2

Love is Blind Season 2: Plot

With total of ten episodes, the first season ended. The show follows 30 men and women, hoping to find their love. The format of the show follows, they can’t directly talk to each other but can talk by set iPod’s. If a guy is in live with a girl, then he will propose her. Otherwise, they can do in their own paths.

Not only this, they have to find out who they are speaking to. After that, they live happily together as a couple. Before marriage, they get a vacation jointly.

Love is Blind Season 2: Cast

Though we had season one casting from Atlanta. Recently, Coelen verified that the pods are still there, and the experiment could be same using another set of people.

Kinetic Casting wrote’ Love Is Blind to be utilized for by merely telling all sisters!’

The cast will be of age demographic, at the very first time mid-20s to mid-30s will be there. To check whether a number of those surface factors difficul and age is among these surface factors. So, the entire purpose of the series would be to ascertain. Therefore, the show would be compliant  to the elderly.

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