Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 18: Everything You Need To Know

Cashay will continue to struggle to pick between Charlie and Cinco on Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 18, and Shannon and Genny are building a fresh confrontation.


Love Island USA episode 18 in season 3 promises to offer a further confrontation of Cashay Proudfoot’s conflicts between Cinco and Charlie Lynch and of Shannon St Claire and Genevieve Shaws. In yesterday’s episode, Shannon and Genevieve appear to have done things, but the previous reviewers suggest that these two will have another repercussion. In the meantime, Cash is rather glad about where Charlie is, but Cinco’s sentiments still persist. Trina Njoroge, in turn, is afraid of Cashay falling into another trap.


The association between Will Moncada and Flo Money during Casa Amor may continue to frequent Kyra Lizama on Love Island USA. She will tune in, excuse, and neglect, yet her companions aren’t making it that simple for her to ignore the sensational discourse that Will conveyed at the re-coupling. In a stunning development, apparently, Korey Gandy did a 180-degree abandon of his inclinations toward Leslie Golden and is currently able to couple up with Olivia Kaiser, everything being equal. This feels like a non-romantic however TV-prepared coupling, in case we’re being straightforward, so we will remain tuned for what’s next.

When Can You Stream Love Island Season 3 Episode 18?

CBS will air Love Island USA season 3 scene 18 on Friday, July 30 at 9 pm ET/PT. This is the most recent one-hour scene of the week, with another two-hour scene going on the air on Sunday night. Paramount+ endorsers will approach the elite Love Island: Laid Bare scene coming out on Saturday, however, this is, for the most part, a restrictive film from scenes that have effectively circulated.

How Can You Watch Love Island USA Online?

Cable subscribers may see Love Island USA free of charge online throughout Season 3 merely by going into with their cable credentials. The official CBS applications for iOS and Android devices are also used for following identical processes. Cable cutters have the greatest choice to subscribe to the streaming service Paramount + at a cost of $4.99 a month (with commercials) or $9.99 a month (without ads). Paramount+ includes apps for iOS and Android phones as well as tablets, as predicted. One last choice is a Live TV bundle from Hulu, Youtube TV, AT&T TV, and FuboTV streaming providers.

A Quick Recap of Episode 17 – Love Island USA Season 3

Previously on Love Island, the islanders addressed the impact of their decisions in and around Casa Amor. Cashay’s being torn from Charlie to Cinco, but also supporting Trina, as she is breaking split from Cinco formally. On the other hand, Trina worries that Cash has the usual tactics of Cinco, and she may perhaps miss a stronger relationship with Charlie. It appeared like these girls were willing to bury the hatchet after a bit of tension in Shannon and Genevieve at the repair. Unfortunately, the trailer for the following episode reveals that the friendship of their “bestie” may not last long.

Kyra listened to Will and accepted all that he said, yet different young ladies in the manor aren’t as persuaded that it’s all the same old thing here. Subsequent to returning to the estate without help from anyone else, Olivia is currently out of nowhere into Korey. Furthermore, in spite of the reality he re-combined with Leslie, he is obviously into Olivia as well? It is all fairly abnormal and, in all honesty, dubious.

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