Love Island USA Season 3 Episode 20: Release Date and What to Expect?

love Island

Love Island USA is a reality TV series where a set of contestants, referred to as “islanders”, have to live together in a villa in Hawaii. Their connection to the outside world is cut off to make things more exciting and amplified. Currently, season 3 of Love Island is going on.


Love Island


Episode 20 of Love Island Season 3 was released on 3rd August 2021. The episode aired on the CBS network at 9 pm Eastern Time. The episode was followed up with a bonus episode, which was released on Paramount+. You can also watch the rest of the released episodes of Love Island USA on Paramount+ too.

About Episode 20 of Love Island the USA

Episode 20 of Love Island USA Season 3, is going, to begin with, new drama and anticipation as three new contestants join the show. Three ladies to be specific. In the previous weeks, we’ve already experienced the sudden change in atmosphere that multiple new contestants brought with them.

It is very exciting to see how even though you might think you have a good relationship going on in the house, anything can change at any moment with a new entry ready to steal the attention.

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Cinco is the perfect example

Cinco is the perfect example of this, remember when he was so sure about his relationship with Cathay but Charlie beat him to it and made things even better with Cathay by giving her all his love and appreciation. Let’s hope the other contestants don’t get too confident like Cinco, but we already kind of know they will. Some mistakes never get old.

The three new girls that are going to be joining the house in Episode 3 are Elly, Allana, and Bailey. Also, Our ladies are ready to get all the attention on them and be seen. As new entries, they get an advantage to pick their favorite boys to serve them, hopefully, they make the most of it.

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