Love, Victor Season 2 – Is It Renewed? What Will Be The Storyline? Check Out The Latest Details Here

Love, Victor Season 2 has been officially renewed in August 2020. It is a teen drama series that will be created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. Inspired and set in the world as the 2018 film Love, Simon, the series debuted on Hulu on June 17, 2020.


Love, Victor became the most-watched drama on Hulu during its premiere week back in June. So what can the fans expect from the second season? Here’s every information that we’ve gathered about Love, Victor Season 2.


Love, Victor Season 2 – Release Date

Nearly two months after the first season premiered, season 2 is on its way. But the writing team was hard at work on the potential second season before the official renewal.

However, even if writers are coming up with new stories for the show, it’s quite uncertain as to when this will go into production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although, it’s a bit difficult to know when the second season would premiere. But since the first season took 10 months to completely produce the show, so considering this, we can expect season 2 to arrive at some point in 2021.

Love, Victor Season 2 – Cast Details

From the way the show set up its season finale, we can expect all the major cast to be back once again.

Michael Cimino will be back as Victor Salazar as well as the rest of the Salazar family – Ana Ortiz as Isabel Salazar, Isabella Ferreira as Pilar Salazar, Mateo Fernandez as Adrian Salazar, and James Martinez as Armando Salazar.

Other returnees would include – George Sear as Benji Campbell, Anthony Turpel as Felix Westen, Rachel Hilson as Mia Brooks, Bebe Wood as Lake Meriwether, Mason Gooding as Andrew.


Moreover, season 1 featured Simon (Nick Robinson) from the original film Love, Simon. This has definitely kept the fans excited to keep having the connections with the film. So we can expect more characters to be included in the film in season 2.

Love, Victor Season 2 – Expected Plot

The story revolves around Victor Salazar, a teenager who moves to a new city while dealing with newly-formed friendships, family drama, and coming to terms with being gay. The finale episode, saw Victor coming out to his family and a few new friends.

This cliffhanger ending made the viewers eager about his parent’s reactions to the news. Will this have an effect on his parent’s decision of separating? Will this bring his relationship with Mia to an end? Expect season 2 to show that, while we hope for a positive reaction.

We can also see more of Simon as it’s a great way to connect the series to the film. Season 2 will delve more into Victor’s home life and his new relationship with Benji.

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