Lovecraft Country Episode 2: Will It Shed More Light On the Mysteries Of The Town Ardham

Lovecraft Country Episode 2: HBO introduced a brand world of storytelling by Lovecraft episode 1. Will it shed more light or mysteries, or they find safety? Let’s find out.


Lovecraft is a new horror series on HBO. Based on a novel by Matt RuffLovecraft Country. It takes the view was on a different ride from the horror to the pulp fiction.


The first two episodes of Lovecraft is based on the first two long-long chapters of the novel. As of episode 1, the thrilling ride for us let’s see what episode 2 has for us.

Episode 1 of Lovecraft begins with a guy, Montrose who was the level head and calm citizen-run away from the country and his son is in Quest to find him that what happened to his father. And the only thing he had a letter in which he wrote about Lovecraft Country, in Ardham.

The only thing is that the country is not real it’s just a fictional country. The city does not exist on maps it’s created by a writer for science and fiction.

But in the end, the son realizes that all those Monsters he read about in science fiction novel are not fictional they are real and they are very dangerous. And this is not a dream for some imaginary thing he is in its real Monster and he has to face it.

Lovecraft episode 2 release date

Lovecraft episode 2, “Whitey’s on the Moon,” is going to premiere on 23rd August 2020 on HBO and HBO Max. The name of the episode is a difference of 1970 Gil Scott-Heron.

Lovecraft Country Episode 2

List of all Lovecraft episode

Lovecraft will be airing on a weekly basis, and there are overall ten episodes in the season. Here’s the list of all the 10 episodes which will be part of this season:-

  • Episode 1. Sundown
  • Episode 2. Whitey’s on the Moon
  • Episode 3. Holy Ghost
  • Episode 4. A History of Violence
  • Episode 5. Strange Case
  • Episode 6. Meet Me in Daegu
  • Episode 7. I Am.
  • Episode 8. Jig-A-Bobo
  • Episode 9. Rewind 1921
  • Episode 10. Full Circle

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