Lucifer on Netflix becomes the most-watched series according to Nielsen’s ratings

Lucifer: If you think Umbrella Academy is the most streamed show right now, so probably you’re wrong. There are so many anticipated shows on Netflix, stranger things, and orange is the new black.


Lucifer, which was canceled by Fox 2 years back, is now the most-watched series on Netflix according to your Nielsen’s rating. In the latest streaming rankings, Lucifer comes out on top. Netflix has given the show another life.


Lucifer outdated Nickelodeon animated series The Legend of Korra. The animated series jump from number 8 to number 2. Lucifer is headed back to the production to finish its last episode of season 5. And season 6 would be the last and final season of the series.


As has been the case since Nielsen debuted the streaming rankings, all 10 top titles are on Netflix. Disney+ and Hulu have been added to the reference set as of this week. Amazon programming is also tracked, which measures only the U.S. and can’t definitively assess the performance across global programs.

Ranking of shows

Here we have listed down all the series according to there streaming and no. Of the views they have:-

1. Lucifer (75) 1.591B

2. The Legend of Korra (52) 1.248B

3. The Umbrella Academy (20) 1.088B

4. The Office (192) 928M

5. Shameless (121) 802M

6. Grey’s Anatomy (361) 764M

7. Project Power (1) 761M

8. Criminal Minds (277) 713M

9. NCIS (353) 533M

10. Teenage Bounty Hunters (10) 422M

In 2019 stranger thing was on the topic in the streaming services, and Lucifer was on the second. Also on the 3rd, there was Orange Is the New Black, and on the 4th, you can find Hannah Baker 13 reasons why.

Umbrella Academy, which was on number 3 this time, just finished their second season in July. And teenage bounty hunter, an original comedy-drama debuted in July only was on number 10 this time. Project power, which is an original Netflix movie, ended up on number 7 starring, Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

You can watch five seasons of Lucifer on Netflix and later this year or early in the next year there will be a season 6 of Lucifer.


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