Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Spoiler Alert

This recap of Lucifer season 5 episode 8 spoiler alert contains many significant spoilers.


Chloe is gone

When Lucifer gets a voicemail that Chloe is attacked, he runs to her house. Ella confirms to him that she is kidnapped and he realizes that she is gone. When they go to the Arts District and meet Scotty Thomas they discover an account with the name Lyman.


Tracking an IP

Lucifer and Ella find an IP address. Further, Lucifer is seen to be very anxious. They find a dead lady and presume it to be Chloe. But she is not Chloe.

Detective work

When Lucifer doubts himself, Amenadiel assures him to calm down. He helps him to regain his confidence by assuring him that he can be a detective. He puts all the available information on his wall and tries to make connections between them.


Maze and Lucifer were on their way to a restaurant when Lucifer suspected something alarming. Also, Ella finds a secret room filled with Lilies in Pete’s house. The serial killer seems to be Ella’s new boyfriend and Pete throws her to the floor and starts choking her. But Ella somehow managed to inject him that made him fall asleep.

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 8


Elle demands Pette to tell where Chloe is. Pete is there in the interrogation room. Pete reveals that his mother did not love him and always screams. All this feels too much for Ella.

It’s not about her

Michael is the kidnapper of Chloe who is held up in some prison. Also, Michael realizes that Lucifer has never said I love you to Chloe. Chloe looks upset and angry and Michael manipulates her.

A drunk Dan

When Lucifer speaks to drunk Dan, he gets to know that it was Michael that rang him. Also when asked where he saw Michael, he told Lucifer about a weird cave with metal bars.

Finding Chloe

Chloe kisses Lucifer when Lucifer finds Chloe with Maze and Dan. Dan realizes the fact that Lucifer cares for Chloe.


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